More than a community, a group of amazing, passionate, dedicated, and sharing people.

I discovered that community early 2015 when I met for the first time my amazing friends Anna & Francesco. Anna is an amazing person, and I understood that the moment I met her. I discovered Sicily starting by Marsala which is absolutely to be discovered. Not only because of the production of some amazing Marsala wines (and trust me, not the cheap ones you're buying in hypermarkets to cook with, we're talking about some serious business), but because the city is simply amazing. I already talked about it in Ciacco Putia, and we started talking. Sharing stories. Sharing about our lives. I started to discover what was Italy. What was Sicily. Who were the Italians and the Sicilians. And what was the Italian gastronomy. Anna made me discover some amazing Sicilian vintages, while Francesco was cooking stupendous food ... Well, I should write "creating food art".

So the story started there. Sharing stories, experiences, without no target in mind. And we talked about #winelover.

A few months later, I came back to Sicily for another road trip but also to share an experience. To meet people. To commute. To give. To learn. To live.

#Winelover is an online community of passionate people gathered around wine and all its aspects. It regroups some of the best sommelier, chefs, artists, entrepreneurs, around the planet. This community has been created by Luiz Alberto for one target : connect wine lovers around the globe and create an education, promotion and communication platform. And the target has been achieved and is an amazing success. More than 20.000 women and men over the world are part of the community.

In October 2015, a part of the community regrouped in Sicily around the fight against breast cancer. Luiz, and a few other members were at the initiative of the #winelover_fight_against_cancer foundation, raising funds to help the research around breast cancer (in that particular case in Sicily) but other forms of cancer. A fantastic cause in which I had the chance to be part of for a day.

Just a few last words. Thank you Anna & Francesco for inviting me. Thank you Luiz for creating this amazing community of people. Thank you for creating this cancer foundation. And thanks to every person in this community working everyday around the main objective of #winelover : creating something amazing.

Special thanks
Ciacco Putia - Anna Ruini & Francesco Alagna
#winelover - Luiz Alberto & Nancy Bergamo
Cantina Foderà - Antonino Foderà
Hazienda Barraco - Nino Barraco

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