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The great thing about Italy, on the top of the amazing and perfect landscapes and people, is gastronomy. Being French, we always have the feeling we have the finest cuisine in the world, and the best wines. Yes, a part of this is true. We have an extraordinary story and culture of food and wines, we have some of the best things in the world, but Italy is about something else.

Italy has also a huge history about wine and food. And to be perfectly honest and close to the real story : a much longer one than our French past. Centuries ago, while we were still eating stew while having a pint of Cervoise, Italian educated and rich nobles were living over the simple things : natural products, not necessarily cooked, with the best wines done in that part of the History. And the difference between our two countries has been quite eloquent. France has achieved a leader position in this art, and Italy has achieved staying a leader in the preservation and conservation of their terroir and culture. That is resulting in a place where the simplest products have a central place on a table, without all the fancy stuff we would put around in parts of France.

A year ago, I visited Marsala for the first time. A large city of about 90.000 inhabitants, located between the fantastic Mount Erice, and the amazing cost leading you towards Mazzara del Valo and all the temples of Agrigente. Marsala is quite known for its production of sweet wine, most of us use in cooking, but merely in drinking.

The city, Marsala, is the the final name of this Arabo-influenced city originally called the Port of God. This influence is absolutely obvious compare to the rest of the island, in the architecture, the people, the food, the way of life. Sicily is a rare place for that mix of different cultures : Latin, by the mother country Italy, Arabic by Marocco, and Asiatic by History.

Sometimes, you need to find THE place to discover culture, and people. And Marsala has been the best place to me. And Ciacco, the place to be. Francesco and Anna, two passionate people created this amazing place, put their soul into it, and are sharing their culture, their love about gastronomy, wines, and their country.

I will soon be back to that wonderful place, and will tell you much more about this incredible couple.

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