I am deeply convinced that every single experience has to be lived : fully, sincerely and with great honesty. During the course of these last eight years I have had the luck to document extraordinary personal adventures in several countries worldwide.

You must be at the core of every step of your wedding story. Your story deserves to be lived without barriers or fears. Each image has to respect who you are and be in harmony with the richness of what you will share that day. A human experience which goes way beyond your wedding, beyond photographs, beyond words. An experience we need to share a common understanding of. An understanding that I will respect all along this adventure.

I believe in this human experience for a unique reason. I trust it is the only way to create memories which will be yours. It is the only way to impregnate each photograph of the energy shared during your project with your people. This experience has to be real, because your story is real. Because you are real.



I am specialized in wedding photojournalism. These life events are of an extraordinary richness time never erases or diminishes. I imagine your wedding as a unique day because it will be. It cannot be another ceremony, another dress, another routine. What we are about to share has no equivalent. Understanding and then respecting your project to live a unique human experience will be our priority. My first responsibility will be to never disappoint you, to end up surprising you.

This is certainly why I am so passionate about weddings and why they inspire me so much me personally. They are real personal experiences nourishing my motivations on every personal or professional project I will take pleasure documenting. Weddings have had a strong impact in my personal life since 2012 and have shaped my approach of every kind of photographic story. I absolutely need this shared honesty towards the experience in order to create natural images. I believe these images have to be closer to every human, closer to every moment, closer to the light installed upon each emotion or each message, closer to you.



Yann M is something quite simple : everything begins with « us ». We will take our time to meet before we actually work together. Joining you on a very detailed approach of your project will allow me to know you more deeply and more accurately, but also to understand your wills and needs and offer the best answer possible.

My way of being behind the camera is also very natural. I believe beauty is in everyone of us and has to be revealed. Everything comes from talking, from bad jokes, and from letting you have you existing as what your couple is. Spontaneity comes from trust. Engagement towards the camera comes from putting the same camera aside most of the time. I believe a fully exclusive documentary approach will allow you to be yourselves.

There’s one thing you need to know about all these couples you have seen. I have never been told that it would be an easy game. Most people have a problem with their image or with a tiny something. Because of bad posing. Because of their faith in who they are that has to be reshaped. And that’s why I believe the approach we can work on together is the good one. That’s why I believe you are here reading all of this.



Avoir établi une communication strictement dans la langue de Shakespeare est un vrai choix. La place majeure sur ce site est laissée aux images et aux émotions qu'elles procurent : cela ne requiert aucune langue spécifique. Je peux toutefois comprendre que vous ayez besoin de vous raccrocher à quelque chose de plus tangible et concret que des images. Ces quelques mots vous offriront une synthèse de mon approche, en attendant de nouveaux supports de communication à venir ultérieurement ici même ...